JUNJI MIYATA, the founder of MIYTA co. ltd., started his Kyudo career at URAKAMI DOJO (Hekiryu Insai) under the guidance of Sakae Urakami sensei, the Kyudo Master of Hekiryu Insai, when he was 21 years old.

He won the championships in many Kyudo contests: His highly-hitting ratio is based on very basic Kyudo skills and principals, such as 3 Ju-monji, Tenouchi, and so on.

Especially in Enteki, the 60m long-distance shooting, Kyudo archers needs a bow with heavy draw weight and arrows with small feathers, which needs much more advanced Kyudo skills.

Junji Miyata drew the heavy-weight-drawing bow such as 25-30kg /85cm with perfect ease and hit the Enteki target with thin arrows with small feathers.

Junji Miyata deeply know the bows and arrows as a Kyudo players, that gives the benefits of making bows on him.