Junji Miyata practiced Kyudo diligently, and he was granted for 5 dan grade 2 years after he started Kyudo by All Nippon Kyudo Federation.

With the very basic skills of the traditional Kyudo, he won the 3 consecutive championships of Enteki (60m distance) contest at Meiji Jingu, which is one of the most prestigious Enteki contests in Japan, in 1961, 1962, and 1963.

The bow Junji Miyata used in this contest: Takeyumi 212cm 25kg/85cm (Hattori-Kiju)

The arrows Junji Miyata used in this contest: Takeya Entekiya (Sone-Masayasu)

The shooting method and purpose at the long distance are very different between Western archery and Kyudo, as we explained in 5 Sya 6 ka. In the Japanese traditional Budo, Samurai rarely competes with each other like Western sports: actually, Japanese did not have the word "competition" in Japanese before Yukichi Fukuzawa coined the Japanese word "KYOSO", which means competition, in 19th century after Edo period.

Exceptionally during Edo period, Japanese "Dosha" contests were held in Sanju-Sangendo in Kyoto, archers competed the number of shots which is reached to the other side of corridor at the distance 120 m of the corridor of Sanju-Sangendo. Since archers could not hit the ceiling of the corridor, archers had to shoot straightly: the arrow should not draw a parabola.

With a lot of try and errors, Kyudo archers and bow makers at that time found that with the shorter bow as 208 cm -212cm with heavy draw weight (estimated 30kg -50kg /85cm, or stronger), archers could shoot arrow straight at the 120m distance with the 5m height limit.

Junji Miyata never missed the target in these contests, shooting straight with shorter bow of 212cm as Dosha, as if he shot at the Kinteki target. Shooting with the bow of heavy draw weight and thin arrows requires very high-level skills of Kyudo. However, the skills are not very specific to Enteki, but very basic skills same as Kinkeki.

Junji Miyata had already very high level Kyudo skills at that time, and later he was selected as the representative of Japan Team, as the Kyudo archer, in World Archery Championships 1967 by All Nippon Kyudo Federation, which had the right to entry the World Archery Championships in Japan.