In western archery, archers simply release the tension in their fingers which draw the string, to let the arrow fly.

In Kyudo, the way to let the arrow fly is totally different. The string is locked by the Tsuru-Makura (groove) in Yugake of Kata-Boushi (Kyudo glove) when Kyudo archer in drawing (Hiki-Wake). Kyudo archers gradually twist the bow in drawing process, and finally in Kai the string is released by the force of twisted bow. Twisting the bow by Yunde (left hand) is very difficult, and Teno-Uchi (how to grip the bow) is most important, and Kyudo archers need to practice for a long time in a right way.

Why the Kyudo method to let an arrow fly is so complicated? Since the Kyudo arrow is very long (90 -100cm or more), if archers just release an arrow by drawing hand (right hand), the arrow will not fly straight, to lose the balance due to the arrow vivration. the arrow needs to pull the arrow from the front by the string to fly straight. When the string unlocked by the trigger of twisted bow, the bow turns round from right side (Yugaeri) and the string goes forward and pull the arrow from the front. This way, the long Kyudo arrow fly straight.

In western archery, just release is not a problem with the shorter arrow. Even this arrow vibration needs to get round the bow: this is called as "Archer's Paradox". There are a lot of information about Archer's Paradox on the websites on Archery, so please check them if you want to know more about Archer's Paradox.

Shooting arrows straight in Kyudo must need this Kyudo's shooting in the right way. The skills were developed by Samurai for a long time. Therefore, basic Kyudo techniques, Tenouchi, Tuno-mi, and other skills are important just to let the arrow fly straight.

Mete- Banare (the arrow pushed from back by release)

Right Hanare in Kyudo (pulling the arrow from the front)